Chinesisch Online Sprachkurs - Online Chinese Course

Alle Chinesische Sprachkurse bieten wir auch online an. Sie brauchen nur Computer und Email um an  unserem Sprachkurs teilzunehmen. Anbei ein paar Empfehlungen unserer zufriedenen internationalen Kunden:


What did you like about our Chinese language  trainer Yan Xu-Preissl?


• Her dedication and engagement. She cares about her students and gave her best to motivate us to continue with the course and offer us high quality lessons. She used online tools which worked perfectly fine, even sent us, recordings for the correct pronunciation through whatsapp, which helped a lot.


• The commitment, motivating talent and making the learning interesting and attractive


• How she paced our learning, to slowly and steadily achieve progress, repeating what we learned every class, and adding new material


• Her good attitude and teaching method


• Careful teaching for basic and difficult expressions


• Very friendly


• She is very patient and answer student questions very well.


• She took time to check that everyone got the new words and mastered the accents.


• She is committed, friendly and very eager to teach us new things about Chinese.


• I am very satisfied with our Chinese teacher Yan Yu-Preissl and her excellent teaching methods. I would like to point out her perseverance and patience with each and every student in the class and her determination to excellence in a language that is not so easy to absorb. I would love to continue classes with her next semester.


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